//BUILD 2018 Session Recording (plus other recent shows/podcasts)

Had a great time at //BUILD 2018 May 7-9, talking about MSIX for app packaging and deployment on Windows 10. Lots of great and helpful feedback received. Before you go watch the recording of my session, be sure to check out John Vintzel’s and Nona Sirakova’s overview session MSIX – Inside & Out as well – then view Dian Hartono’s and mine session for the additional details:

Click here to play video

Before BUILD I had the opportunity to be on the On .NET show to talk about what’s new for .NET Windows client app developers. We are covering the VS Packaging Project for WPF/Winform apps, as well as the Windows Template Studio for getting started quickly with UWP on Windows 10:

Click here to play video

Similar topics, with a bit more focus on the enterprise app developer we are covering with Jon Karlin in this video in the Windows 10 Developer Series:

Click here to play video

Also had the pleasure of being on the MS Dev Show podcast, hosted by Jason Young and Carl Schweitzer – we were chatting about Desktop Bridge and the VS Packaging Project:

Click here to play video.

(audio-only podcast is here)


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